5 reasons why not to buy CBD gummies in Ireland

CBD gummies are everywhere right now right? While that sweet teddy bear might seem like a fun way of getting your CBD dose in, let’s just say straight up - we are not fans. 

We get there are a few cases where CBD gummies are a valid choice, instances where people for whatever reason just cannot stomach a CBD oil. But for everyone else? Please just say no. 

CBD gummies are not a good option for a variety of reasons. They are overpriced, not very effective and frankly go against the whole point of CBD - as a healthy food supplement. Don’t be fooled.

Here are 5 reasons to put down those fun shapes and colours and go for an oil instead.

  1. CBD gummies contain ingredients such as sugars, vegetable oils, artificial flavours which are bad for you. 

Here’s a list of some of the ingredients you are likely to see in CBD gummies and what it’s actually doing for you:


Higher blood pressure, increase inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, increased risk for heart attack and stroke, alzheimers to name a few.. read more about how bad sugar really is

Glucose or corn syrup

High fructose corn syrups are verrrryyyy bad…. See above to list a fraction of the harmful effects or read more to see just how bad 

Citric acid

Irritating to the lining of the stomach and the intestinal tract and can create a lot of inflammation

Natural flavours

Natural flavoring is hidden MSG. Very harmful for brain and central nervous system

Artificial flavours

Chemical additives. Need I say more?

  1. CBD gummies are often made from cheap isolates

Here’s the real deal that CBD companies are not saying. Check the ingredients. Does it say cannabidiol isolate? That's not good.

Full spectrum

Very effective but difficult to find gummies made from this.

Broad spectrum

Effective but not as effective as full-spectrum


Cheap CBD. Not very effective

  1. CBD gummies are one of the least effective way of consuming CBD 

Eating CBD is the least efficient way to take it and can result in as little as 4%-12% of the cannabidiol reaching your bloodstream.

  1. CBD gummies are slow to take effect

CBD gummies can often take up to 2 hours to take effect due to the fact they need to pass through digestive tract. That said admittedly, they do tend to last longer than an oil for this reason

  1. CBD gummies over-priced

If you compare a bottle of CBD oil to the small amount of often not-very-good CBD you are getting, the price-to-CBD ratio is not very good. You are often paying way over the odds for what you get.

In summary, CBD gummies might be very popular right now but we urge you to check the ingredients before you are tempted by those sparkles.
Your best option is often to buy a whole bottle of clean, good quality CBD.