CBD oil for dogs in Ireland: why it works, how to dose and how to choose a good product

One increasingly common question we are getting asked all the time is: cbd oil for dogs in Ireland, Is it safe and does it work?  CBD oil has shown to have amazing health benefits for humans, so it makes sense that it could do the same for animals. Is CBD oil ok to give to dogs? Read on to find out the answers to common questions we get asked all the time.


How does CBD oil work in dogs?

Like humans, dogs also have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS is a relatively new discovery by scientists, it was discovered only 30 years ago.

Our ECS is responsible for keeping our bodies in balance. It plays an important part in regulating all of our systems from sleep, appetite, mood, immune system, pain and even memory. 

CBD works indirectly to keep our ECS in balance.

Is CBD oil safe for dogs in Ireland?

First off, if you are thinking about giving CBD oil to your dog - we suggest talking about it with your vet.

Although there are lots of scientific studies which show CBD oil is safe for humans, there are not many scientific studies on giving CBD oil to dogs in Ireland (what companies would pay for such expensive studies if they don’t directly benefit?) . 

We did find this one study done in 2018. This study showed that oral consumption (taking CBD drops) of CBD oil worked best over other forms like transdermal patches.

We do also hear lots of anecdotal success stories of CBD oil in dogs - especially during high stress times e.g. fireworks at halloween.

What’s the best way to give CBD oil to my dog?

Like humans, you can put CBD oil directly under a dog’s tongue. However, we hear this can be quite challenging for doggie parents! 

We suggest adding it to your dog’s food. Remember CBD is best absorbed with good fats so try putting it something fatty like peanut butter! 

CBD oil for dogs dose:  how much CBD oil should I give? 

Dogs are much smaller than humans, so the strength and dosage will be much less. Of course, the dog’s weight should be a factor here too: smaller dogs should take a lower dose than larger dogs.

In general, the following dosage rules apply based on lower strength oils

| 2 drops of CBD oil per 10 kg of dog's weight

What are the best CBD oil for dogs in Ireland?

The same rule for humans applies to dogs -  there are a variety of CBD oils on the market and not all are of the same quality (which is why we set up plus120 where we only sell the best)

Here are some tips on choosing a good CBD oil for your dog in Ireland:

  • Make sure it is organic 
  • Make sure it is lab tested to ensure that the product is safe and free from pesticides, solvents, and other contaminants
  • Lower dose oils are best (2 - 10%)


Where to buy CBD oil for dogs in Ireland?

You can buy CBD oil for dogs in Ireland either in big retail stores like Holland and Barrett or specialised e-Commerce CBD online shops like plus120. 

Make sure you follow the tips above on choosing a good CBD oil for dogs.

We like Endoca  because it's GMP certified, the same level of certification given to most pharmaceuticals - you are not going to get a safer CBD oil than this.