Where can I buy CBD oil in Cork, Ireland?

Buying CBD oil in Cork and not sure where to turn to? CBD can be an overwhelming experience for many customers. There is a dizzying array of CBD products. All CBD oils say different things and none of it seems to make a lot of sense.

Well, worry no more, we’ve put together a handy checklist to use before your next purchase.

How to choose a CBD oil if you live in Cork?

There are several places to buy CBD oil from in Cork, both in big  street retailers like Holland & Barrett on Patrick street or in speciality online CBD shops like us here at plus120. We aim to show you there’s and big difference between them both. 

Of course you could just always buy from us here at plus120 smiling face with sunglasses 
Buying good cbd oil checklist

Is it broad spectrum or full spectrum?

Check out out or buying CBD oil in Dublin guide but full spectrum is best as it contains all plant cannabinoids that work together in synergy. All THC levels are under .3% but if you are concerned, go for broad spectrum.
If the CBD oil does not say either of these options, it is most likely (but not always) isolated CBD. This is our least favourite way of consuming CBD.

Is it organic?

Please make sure it is organic CBD you are buying. 

Dirty soil = dirty products.

Always buy organic. Certified organic is best.

Are ingredients clean?

You should be aiming for 2 or 3 ingredients max. This is a health product. If you start adding ‘natural flavourings’ or any such ingredients to the mix, these will be pro-inflammatory and you will be un-doing all the excellent health benefits from CBD.

Up-to-date certificate?

Goto the product website, e.g. if you are buying Jacob Hooy from Holland and Barrett, goto the Jacob Hooy website and check there is an up-to-date certificate on the product (heads up, there’s not!)

When you look at the certificate, make sure there are other cannabinoids present e.g. small amounts of CBDa etc. As we said before, CBD works best as a synergy with all plant compounds, not on its own.

Good product reviews

Jump onto good product websites like TrustPilot and check the product reviews. Do not go off random google websites where most likely shady CBD companies pay to get their products good reviews.

Hemp extract, NOT hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plants and, while it does have health benefits, does not contain CBD.

Look for hemp extract. It might be mixed with hemp seed oil as its carrier oil but it should always say hemp extract.

Ethical CBD oil company?

It’s pretty easy to spot ethical CBD companies from not. CBD companies are not allowed to make any medical claims, unless you are referencing scientific studies. If you see anything like ‘This is good for anxiety and stress relief’, that’s not allowed. 

Unethical marketing = unethical company. 

What else could they be doing to the product you are about to consume?