CBD tea for sleep? Here's what we know.

You may be familiar with cbd as a topical cream or oil, but what about CBD tea? As the popularity of CBD oil products continues to grow, several new ways of taking CBD oil are emerging including CBD tea. And can you take cbd tea for sleep? Here’s what we know. 

 woman in bed drinking cbd tea

What exactly is CBD tea?

CBD tea or hemp tea is a hot drink made from a plant called hemp. It is usually made with hemp leaves, stalks and flowers. It is usually dried before being made into CBD tea.

The very best CBD tea though is made from the hemp flowers and buds, not the stalks and leaves. 

This is because the flower is the part of the plant where most of the good stuff lives - the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes which are most beneficial for your health.

So if you are thinking of trying CBD tea, make sure it’s the good stuff.

Benefits of drinking CBD tea

CBD tea actually contains very little CBD, instead it contains it’s raw counterpart, CBDA. 

Cannabidiolic-acid is the raw precursor to CBD. It converts to CBD over time and with heat. 

However, CBDA packs a punch in weight for its effectiveness according to published research. This research article from project cbd explains fully why CBDa is just so good.

Some benefits include:


What about cbd tea for sleep?

There are no preclinical or clinical studies for CBD for sleep.  However, we know that the activation of the serotonin receptors is helpful with stress and will promote more calmness. 

We take CBD tea for sleep, approximately 1 hour before bedtime.

How to choose a CBD tea

  • Make sure it is 100% Organic (hemp will absorb toxins from soil)
  • Choose hemp tea made from hemp flowers only 
  • Consider combining CBD tea with a full spectrum CBD oil 

How to make CBD tea for sleep

Make tea around 1 hour before bed (there is no caffeine in CBD tea)

Place tea in boiling water for a minimum of 5 minutes to let the CBDa release before drinking. 

You can add lemon or honey to sweeten!

You can add a fat-soluble (like milk or almond milk) to aid absorption. 


Our CBD tea recommendation:

We recommend the BioBloom CBD tea made from handcrafted hemp flowers.

It's made in artisian hemp farms in Austria and has lots of really healthy ingredients such as CBDa, flavonoids (apigenin, luteolin, quercetin, orientin, kaempferol, vitexin), polysaccharides and terpenes!