Taking CBD for the first time: the 3 rules

The 3 rules

Taking CBD is different for every person. Whats works for one person may not work for another. So asking someone how much they take isn't where you want to start with. You need to figure out how much you should take. 

Remember this is a natural plant compound, so there really is nothing you can do wrong! But saying that, there are a number of basic rules we recommend to get the most out of your CBD.

Rule 1: Start low and go slow  

This is probably the most important rule.  Your body takes time to adjust to this new plant compound and you want to start slow and let it build up. We recommend starting with a very low dose and gradually increase every few days until you reach your desired results.

It's very difficult to give guidance around how low this is as depends on your weight, the result you are after and the strength of CBD.  However, an average guide would be to begin by taking about 8mg (1- 2 drops) and gradually build it up from there. 

Rule 2: Be consistent

CBD isn't about taking a big dose and feeling a difference. It's about bringing your body back to homeostasis and you do that slowly with consistency, over several weeks.

You need to give it time until your body builds up a certain amount of CBD in your body and to do this you need to be taking it consistently for several weeks. 

Rule 3: Find your sweet spot

Note your dosage, how many times per day you take it until you find your sweet spot. Your sweet spot is the lowest dosage you can take until your symptoms start to reduce.

Listen and trust your body and increase or reduce your dosage until you find this spot. 

Before or after food?

There is on-going research on when is the best time to take CBD, before or after food. From our research, we recommend taking it after food.  Some studies suggest terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids are absorbed better on a full stomach.  

Other research points to having an even greater effect after consuming food with good fats (such as those found in nuts, chia seeds and avocados)

Please be patient 

The biggest mistake we hear customers make is giving up after a few days claiming CBD doesn't work for them!

  • CBD isn't a quick fix and it takes time (sometimes several weeks) for your body to fully adapt. Finding the right dosage is incredibly rewarding, so be patient.
  • Remember, CBD only works if you take it! People who experience the most profound benefits take it regularly.
  • It's also true CBD does not work for a small percentage of the population! But you will only find that out for sure if you commit to the CBD journey for the long haul. Enjoy the ride!