Quick fire questions with Mary Biles cannabis author

What motivates you to work in CBD?

Very few people end up working in the CBD world by accident, says Mary Biles , cannabis author, educator and podcaster 

There’s always a story behind how most of us have found our calling in cannabis; and for me it’s no exception.

When a friend’s mother was given cannabis oil in the last few months of her life, I saw first hand what a positive effect cannabis could have on a patient’s quality of life. I swore then to do something about the terrible injustice that millions of people around the world were being denied access to the cannabis plant medicinally.

A few weeks later I found myself at a hemp fair where I first encountered CBD, and the company I spoke to just happened to be looking for a full time writer. It was as if the universe had somehow been listening, and before I knew it I was working full time in the CBD industry.

From the very start my motivation has been the same; to bring about change and better access to medical cannabis through the power of my words, writing well researched articles that unpack the science behind cannabis and CBD. 

I'm hearing from our customers, CBD is helping them with sleep, stress and pain.  Can you give us a short summary on where the science is on CBD?

Right now, there’s still so much to learn about how CBD affects the body, partly because research into cannabis has been severely restricted during the last seventy years of prohibition.

We know that CBD interacts with several different receptors such as the serotonin 5-HT1A receptor which explains CBD’s overall antianxiety effect, as well as being anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and a powerful anti-inflammatory. 

CBD also helps to support our endocannabinoid system - the complex network of receptors in our brains, central nervous system, immune system and organs - that when activated by our own cannabis-like chemicals brings about balance and acts as a buffer against the damaging effects of stress. 

CBD is a tremendously exciting compound, whether you’re taking it to maintain overall wellbeing or using it in its medicinal form for conditions such as epilepsy or autoimmune diseases.

What's the biggest frustration you have about this industry?

Unfortunately, not all CBD oils are created equal, and that for me remains a great frustration.

The CBD oil market is saturated by companies all claiming to sell the best CBD products, but in reality as a consumer it’s difficult to tell which are the CBD companies you can trust.

The CBD Book by Mary Biles

It’s one reason I wrote ‘
The CBD Book: The Essential Guide to CBD Oil’ as time and time again, I’d been asked the same question - which of the thousands of products out there should I buy?

In the book, I give a step-by-step guide to how to separate the CBD ‘wheat from the chaff’, as well as giving useful tips on how to make the most of your CBD experience. There’s a great section on current research for conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, and autoimmune conditions, as well as some incredible real life stories that illustrate the tremendous transformative effects of CBD.  

Where do you see the industry going in the future?

It’s difficult to say what lies in store for the CBD industry in the next few years. Improved regulation will hopefully mean consumers will be guaranteed better quality CBD products and hopefully prices will continue to fall making CBD more affordable to use long term. 

Almost certainly there will be a few more surprises and curve balls thrown from regulators, however, my hope is that these won’t negatively impact the people truly benefiting from taking CBD for their health.

The CBD Book: The Essential Guide to CBD oil’ is published by Harper Collins