Taking CBD for the first time? Top 3 questions and answers

So you’ve just bought your first bottle of CBD oil and are taking CBD for the first time. How many times should you take it ? Morning or evening? What should I expect to feel? When will I see results?  Read on to find out all the questions common to newbies. 

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Question 1: How often should you take CBD oil?

There really is no one size fits all. Everyone is unique. It’s really down to why you are using it, how you feel right now, your overall health, how sensitive you are to cbd, your lifestyle and circumstances.
We really can’t advise what you need to do. There are two different ways people consume cbd oil: either as microdose strategy or as a standard dose.

Microdose strategy

Microdosing means taking small amounts of cbd about 2-3 times a day, after food (preferably after good fats). People who consume cbd this way are people who want the effects to last throughout the day.
CBD oil only lasts between 4 - 6 hours so for people who are taking it for example:
  • pain management,
  • stress/anxiety management,
So take it for example: after breakfast, lunch and again before bed.
Microdosing CBD
          Please see Endoca dosage guide for more information

Standard dose strategy

Taking CBD as a standard dose means you take a bigger amount once during the day. For example, you might want to take a bigger amount of cbd oil once at night time if you are taking it for insomnia for example.
Standard dose CBD     
            Please see Endoca dosage guide for more information

What is important is that CBD is taken consistently, not once or twice during the week. CBD is a slow buildup on your body and needs time to adjust and adapt. This is the single biggest reason why customers say CBD doesn’t work, they are not taking it consistently and have not committed to their CBD journey. 

Question 2:
Should I take CBD oil in the morning or evening?

There are several studies which show that CBD has a biphasic effect, so very small doses can be stimulating and larger doses are more relaxing. When I first studied this I found it very confusing but in fact lots of things we consume have this effect - like alcohol (Next time you see someone sleeping in the corner of the pub, you can comment on the biphasic effect of alcohol!)
So this means, we should take smaller doses of CBD during the daytime but if you are using it for sleep, you might want to consider taking a a larger dose. However we should also point out, CBD has a maximum therapeutic window, thereby taking too much, you can lose therapeutic benefits.
So to summarise,
  • Take a smaller dose in the mornings, lunchtime (always after food) e.g. if using a microdose method, 1 drop 
  • Take larger doses before bed (to promote sleep) e.g. 2 drops 
  • Make sure the larger dose you are taking is not so large that you are loosing therapeutic benefits.
In addition, certain CBD oils might be more suitable to daytime or nighttime depending on their plant makeup. For example, The Original Alternative Blue Edition is more of a daytime oil whereas The Original Alternative Purple Edition are more popular oils for evening.


woman after taking CBD
How will i know when it's working?

No two people are alike, everyone is unique.  Please don’t expect miracles overnight!  What you are looking for is a reduction in the symptoms you are looking to treat and you do this by paying close attention to your body.
So for example, if you are looking to take CBD to reduce feelings of anxiety, you need to listen to your body and pay attention to when you feel your symptoms of anxiety are reducing.  At this point you know you will have reached your "sweet spot", the lowest dosage you need to feel symptoms reducing. You shouldn't go much above this point as it will have no therapeutic effects.
Final words,  if you decide to try CBD, please commit to the journey for at least 6 weeks, taking it consistently. Bon voyage! 
We always want you to feel safe and knowledgeable. If you have any questions about any of this, please send us a DM or you can contact us at cliona@plus120.com. We’d sincerely love to hear from you.