CBD in Ireland: What we found out from interviewing a number of Irish people

10 takeaways from Interviews with Irish people about CBD in Ireland 

What we did:

We conducted a number of phone interviews of approx 30minutes each to a number of Irish consumers about their CBD use and perceptions of CBD in general


How we selected people for interviews:

Interviewees were selected by either either having consumed CBD in the past, know someone who had taken CBD or were interested in learning more about CBD.  

What we asked:

  • How did you become aware of CBD?
  • Where did you buy it?
  • What method did you use to consume CBD?
  • How did you choose the brand & product?
  • How did you find taking it?
  • On a scale of 1 - 10, how likely are you to buy it again

  • What we found out: 

    1. A large proportion of interviewees were still mostly unaware of CBD and its uses in Ireland.

    2. Those that are aware of CBD in Ireland are very confused and have lots of questions.

    3. There’s still a taboo in Ireland about CBD  

      “My mates fiance told him he wasn’t allowed bring it into the house”

    4. Anyone who had taken CBD was because they were recommended it (by someone currently taking it)

    5. In general, as a broad classification:

      Younger CBD consumers were consuming CBD due to anxiety, stress, insomnia

      Older CBD consumers were taking CBD due to chronic pain ( e.g  pain from arthritis)

    6. Anxiety/stress/insomnia consumers are more price sensitive, took CBD more ad-hoc, were worried about taking it too much & becoming reliant on it.

    7. Pain consumers buy high strength CBD, are not as price sensitive as regular consumers and often buy more than one CBD product.

    8. Interviewees trust CBD when it is from a known retailer like Holland & Barrett ( and are largely unaware of the differences in quality)

    9. Interviewees are reliant on recommendations from friends for CBD product initially and after that, reviews of the product.

    10. All interviewees were interested in learning more about CBD and all mentioned continued interest in trying CBD in the future and willing to consume different products.