Will CBD make me tired?

CBD is great for sleep but will it make you tired if you take it during the day?

It’s complicated. But put really simply, no, taking CBD will not make you tired.

Let me explain why.

will cbd make me tired? woman lying on bed




CBD helps you sleep better but won’t make you tired.

CBD oil works by indirectly working with receptors in your endocannabinoid system. Think of this system like your internal body conductor, controlling all systems in your body (or all parts of the orchestra). If one system is playing too loudly, it will dampen down the sound or if another too quietly, increase it.

This is essentially how CBD works in the body - it regulates all systems which include mood, appetite,  immune system, memory and pain (among others).

CBD helps you sleep by indirectly regulating some of these systems such as mood (making you feel more relaxed) which then helps you feel better. 

Imagine how much easier sleep will come when you are feeling calm and relaxed. 

In contrast however, THC, CBD’s psychoactive counterpart will make you tired. This is in such low doses that in bottles of CBD that are legal, this will not affect how tired it makes you feel.



When should I take CBD Oil morning or night?

CBD has been shown in studies to have a biphasic effect - this means in small doses, it can be energising but in larger doses it can have the opposite effect. This is actually similar to other stimulants like alcohol and caffeine.

What this means :  if you take CBD during the day, take smaller amounts. (e.g. under 10mg)

If you take CBD in the night time: take a bigger amount. (e.g. 10mg or over)


The bottom line.

CBD oil will not make you tired or sleepy, but works indirectly with your endocannabinoid system to make you calmer which in turn helps you sleep.

If you take CBD during the day, take smaller regular amounts (e.g. after breakfast and after lunch)

If you take CBD to help you sleep at night, take a bigger amount.