10 supplements I'm taking right now for my immunity, gut health and sleep

I'm endlessly fascinated by what supplements other people are taking so I thought I should tell you what I'm taking right now.¬† I should preface this with I am not a nutritionist, herbalist or anything else - just someone who nerds-off on vitamins! ūü§ď¬†¬†

I should also say the main reasons I am looking to take vitamins right now are to boost my¬†immunity, support my¬†gut health, help my¬†anxiety¬†and¬†sleep¬†issues¬†with a focus on¬†inflammatory issues¬†(psoriasis, back inflammation) to boot! I also like simple things, so I'll usually favour drops, sprays or powder over taking too many capsules.ūüíä

To be really clear, I am (unfortunately!) not getting any compensation for any of these recommendations 

Fish Oil: 

I went searching for some of the highest strength fish oil I could find and now take bare biology clinical strength oil.  It's not the nicest tasting admittedly but with a whopping 2000 EPA and 1000 DHA, its the strongest there is out there. I take this for my mood (EPA). I really feel like it helps me. The DHA  is also great for brain, heart and eye health. 

Spirulina power: 

I have a green juice everyday. I convince myself having green juice gives me unlimited takeaway credit.¬† I add this¬†organic spirulina power.¬†Unlike other spirulina powders I've tried, this one tastes ok - although it is a very surreal colour.¬†ūüíö¬†

Vitamin B complex:

I came across¬†a paper¬†recently which outlined how most of us in developed countries are now deficient in the B vitamins (especially those over 65). I got recommended this¬†B complex¬†from a functional medicine practitioner. I take it in the morning and hope it improves my energy. I can't tell. I'm usually running after 3 year old and feeling wrecked.ūüėÜ

Curcumin capsules:

I suffer a lot with inflammation, both muscular and I also have psoriasis. I try and follow an anti-inflammatory diet as much as possible. I take these curcumin 95 capsules to manage my inflammation. It also helps with mood disorders. These can repeat on me slightly if I don't take them with food. My psoriasis has been good these days.   


I keep reading about the benefits of zinc for us for helping our immunity and also to fight off any viruses (eek that word). I did some researching for some of the¬†cleanest zinc¬†out there and found this one which has great reviews. Tastes terrible but I put in a OJ and knock it back.ūüćĻ


I was debating about taking a probiotic after antibiotics after reading some studies on how it actually upsets the natural microbiome after antibiotics. I was confused and not sure what to do. I reached out to a gut microbiome specialist on a whim he would get back to me. Would you believe several weeks later, he actually did! He told me to take a probiotic. He didn't recommend one but I'm taking this. It was recommended by some other vitamin geek I follow.

Vitamin D3:

This is a very important supplement to be taking right now. There have been several studies which highlight that it helps us with covid. I'm not sure why it's not being recommended enough (it's a pet peeve).  If you're looking for a vitamin D supplement, look for one made with cholecalciferol, not ergocalciferol. This one looks ok (although i'd double that dose in Winter), it has clean ingredients. 

Liposomal vitamin C:

This is vitamin C but it is encapsulated in fat molecules, so has a much higher absorption by our bodies than a traditional vitamin C powder/capsule. I've ordered this one and waiting for it to be delivered.

Medicinal mushrooms :

I'm so excited about medicinal mushrooms after being on a webinar and hearing people speak to passionately about them for immune health. I'm going to be honest and say I haven't found a product yet. I need a few days to deep dive into this and puppy training a 3 year old boy is preventing this! If you do look for one, make sure it's not raw but dual extracted. Also if you have any recommendations, please do let me know.  


Nothing quite raises my anxiety like a sick child and my son/puppy has been sick all week so I've been dipping in and out of my CBD cabinet! I've been taking the Original Alternative purple oil to help with both anxiety and sleep.  CBD is also an amazing anti-inflammatory ( I attribute CBD for sorting out by back inflammation).