First time users guide
to buying and using
CBD Oil 
in Ireland

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a natural compound found in the hemp plant which belongs to the cannabis plant family.

CBD is just one compound, but there are over 120 photo-cannabinoids (plus120 😎) found in the plant.

CBD is extracted from the flowers of hemp plants and it is available to purchase on its own, or can be added to other products such as creams, tinctures, capsules and more.

Over the past few years, CBD in Ireland have been gaining popularity in Ireland and across the world for their wide range of wellness benefits.  

Confusion with marijuana.

CBD is often confused with marijuana, another plant within the same family. Marijuana plans contain high Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the infamous cannabinoid which will get you high.

CBD will not make you feel high, stoned or anything else that is associated with recreational cannabis.



Is CBD safe or addictive?

CBD oil in Ireland is safe if it’s bought from a reputable store.  A report by the World Health Organisation found CBD to be generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.

||   "To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD” - World Health Organisation

CBD is non addictive. Infact, CBD has been shown in many studies to hold potential as a treatment for addictive behaviours

Types of CBD oil

We know from some of the scientific literature that CBD works best alongside the synergistic effect of other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids. This is known as the “entourage effect”. 

In order to do this, the extraction process is carefully done so that all the natural compounds like photo-cannabinoids, terpenes etc. are preserved. 


 👉    KEY POINT I: No one cannabinoid acting independently (e.g. CBD) will produce the best health benefits. 

CBD with the most health benefits are whole-plant extracts or full-spectrum products

👉 KEY POINT II:  While many people will focus on the strength of the CBD oil, more importantly is the type of CBD oil.

A lower strength whole plant or full spectrum CBD oil is far superior to a high strength CBD isolate (often marketed as “pure CBD”)


6 different types of CBD oil 

Whole plant 

Unrefined CBD extract.

Dense in cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential plant components

         ❤️ Full entourage effect 

Full spectrum 

Refined CBD extract.

Dense in cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential plant components

          ❤️ Full entourage effect 

Broad spectrum 

 Refined CBD extract.

 Some cannabinoids have been   removed such as THC, THCV and   CBN. Sometimes broad spectrum oil are “Fake” i.e. they are really isolated CBD   with terpenes added back in. 

        🧡 Possible entourage effect (but   not as effective as full) 

Narrow spectrum

Overly refined CBD oil.

Many cannabinoids and terpenes have been removed through a rigorous extraction process. 

         Limited entourage effect 

 CBD Isolate 

 Pure CBD extract.

 All cannabinoids have been removed   with the exception of CBD. Is often     marketed as “pure CBD” . Require   very high doses to be effective.

         No entourage effect 

Hemp oil 

Refined hemp oil

Contains vitamins, minerals and omega’s and trace amount of CBD only

         No entourage effect 


Buying CBD: Buy the right type of CBD oil

Buying CBD is complex! You can buy plant derived natural CBD or cheaply made synthetic non-plant derived CBD, which will not have nearly the same benefits.

Pricing ranges hugely and it’s difficult to tell the good quality CBD from the poor quality. One of the most important things to know when buying CBD is the type of CBD you are buying.

Full Spectrum, broad and isolated CBD are the 3 most common types of CBD you can purchase online or in stores. Which is better? 

Whole plant or full spectrum oils work the best as they benefit from the entourage effect, the synergistic effect of all plant compounds together. 


|| Darker CBD oils with an intense or bitter taste indicate natural whole plant and full extracts.

👉    KEY POINT I: When buying CBD, check the certificate for all the other cannabinoids present.

CBD with a small legal dose of THC alongside other minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN etc. and other plant compounds (terpenes, flavonoids) present will work the best. 

About CBD oil in Ireland

Many people still don't know what CBD oil in Ireland is or how it can help them. Even worse, there are still many existing stigmas of CBD oil in Ireland. 

Last year, when we interviewed Irish people about their knowledge of CBD, we were shocked to discover there was a general lack of awareness around CBD and even worse, many misinformed people.

Is CBD oil legal in Ireland?

One of the most common questions we get is, Is CBD oil legal in Ireland? It’s a little complicated but CBD oil is not considered a drug under the Misuse of drugs act, 1977

CBD oil is legal in Ireland under EU law as long as it:

  • Is made from hemp plants (and not marijuana plants)
  • Is never sold or advertised as medicine and no health claims can be made
  • Contains the legal limit of THC
  • Is not sold in the form of hemp flower
  • Has a novel foods license if the CBD oil is extracted with newer extraction methods like C02 extraction.

What does CBD do? / CBD oil benefits 

There has been rapid acceleration into CBD research over recent years.  

Most of the published scientific studies for CBD cover the areas of:

And many many more studies of which there are too many to mention. CBD is popular among all age groups and is also increasingly being used by seniors (over the age of 65). 

It is also very commonly used for women going through the menopause

In 2021, a large UK study was done to ask people why they use CBD and the following reasons were given:


How does CBD work?

After talking about the benefits of CBD, it’s hard not to ask - but how can CBD do all that?

One reason why CBD is taught to have so many positive benefits is due to its role in our endocannabinoid system (ECS).   

The ECS is a complex cell-signalling system throughout our brains and almost every organ in our bodies.

|| The main function of the endocannabinoid system is to support the body in maintaining homeostasis, or balance.  

Think of homeostasis like your body’s way of keeping everything within a certain range (or balance). Certain things can trigger our endocannabinoid system to go out of balance, for example:

  • being exposed to extreme cold or heat, 
  • toxins in our environment 
  • harmful bacteria 
  • viruses we’ve been exposed 
  • or even life events such as a stressful event coming up

|| It is an imbalance in our endocannabinoid system which can cause disturbances and diseases.

In today’s always-on, ultra-stressed world, the endocannabinoid system is more important than ever.

👉    KEY POINT I:  Our health is all about homeostasis. If we lose this delicate balance, we face health issues. 


 endocannabinoid system


Humans produce endo-cannabinoids:

These are chemical messengers which bind to our receptors (locks) in our endocannabinoid system to keep it in balance.

Plants produce phyto-cannabinoids:

Phyto-cannabinoids also bind to the receptors(locks) in our endocannabinoid system to keep it in balance. 

👉    KEY POINT I:  Endocannabinoid's are designed to help maintain the health level of the body. We can supplement plant  phyto-cannabinoids, like CBD.


The importance of our Endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system has been implicated in a number of diseases including:

  • Anxiety
  • Appetite
  • Bladder function
  • Cancer control
  • Energy balance
  • Female reproductive function
  • Homeostasis
  • Immune system
  • Inflammation 
  • GI function
  • Memory
  • Metabolic functions 
  • Mood
  • Neurogenesis
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Neurotransmission
  • Regulation of pain
  • Sleep
  • Stress response
  • Social behaviour

    Adapted from the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society Handbook

||  The endocannabinoid system affects how you “relax, eat, sleep, forget and protect”

            -      Vincenzo Di Marzo.

👉    KEY POINT I:  CBD has such wide-ranging effects because it supports our endocannabinoid system, which is located throughout our brains and body. 

👉    KEY POINT II:  CBD has helps maintain the levels of endocannabinoids in our bodies. We can supplement our bodies with plant phytocannabinoids, like CBD.

You can read more about the
role of our endocannabinoid system 



Choosing how to take CBD oil

There's an exciting amount of ways to take CBD thanks to on-going innovations in the space. These include oils, edibles, sprays, pastes, creams and lotions.

What's the best way for you to take it? It really depends on a number of different things such as: 
  • Why are you using it?
  • Does your condition need localised treatment or whole-body?
  • How fast do you need it to act?
  • How long do you want it to last?
  • How important is taste to you

Different ways to take CBD 

CBD oil

Most popular way to take CBD.  It is taken sublingually (drops or spray under your tongue).

  • Good beginner product as easy to take direct under the tongue or can also be added to food or drinks

  • Place it under your tongue, leave it there for at least 1 minute and then swallow

  • Very fast acting as bypasses the digestive system and goes straight into your bloodstream (Takes about 5 - 20 minutes to onset)

  • Lasts between 2 - 4 hours.


CBD capsules

CBD also can be taken as CBD capsules for simplicity  and efficiency.

  • Good beginner product as no messing around with dosages 
  • Slower onset (40- 60 mins) as must pass through digestive system 
  • Lower absorption than oils because they need to pass through the bloodstream. For this reason, we prefer CBD oils
  • Lasts longer (4 - 6 hours) than some of the other methods. 



CBD Pastes

CBD pastes are the raw versions of CBD and are not mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oils. They come in a syringe and looks like a brown gooey paste. 

  • Like CBD oils, this is taken underneath the tongue
  • Might be viewed as a more advanced way to take CBD due to its strong taste (although personally we think it is easy!)
  • Fast acting, goes straight into the bloodstream (5-20 mins) and lasts between 2 - 4 hours. 


CBD Creams

Topicals are placed directly onto the skin where they are absorbed immediately by the endocannabinoid receptors  all over our skin to provide comfort and relief to the skin, muscles and joints. 

  • Immediate localised relief 
  • Very fast acting
  • It's not absorbed by bloodstream so you don't need to worry about dosages and use it liberally


CBD Edibles or CBD Gummies

A gentle introduction for beginners who might be concerned about smell, taste or dosage. 

  • Super easy dosing
  • Quick and discreet to take
  • Taste Great but unfortunately a lot of the products on the market contain a ton of processed ingredients to taste this way which will increase inflammation. We’re not huge fans for this reason
  • Lower bioavailability (absorption) because they need to go through digestive system



Vaporising CBD may not be as common as ingesting CBD like oils but can be a very effective way to take CBD especially for pain. It is very fast acting and has a higher absorption rate with some studies reporting up to 56% better absorption compared to other methods



CBD dosage guide: 

CBD & dosages can be seriously confusing when you start out. All those mg's and percentages, droppers and drops. Where do you even begin? 

But, it doesn't have to be this confusing. We will explain how to start off taking your first dose of CBD in 5 steps below.

Finding the right dose for you takes time, commitment and consistency.

What dosage is right for me?

No one can recommend the right dose for you because everybody’s endocannabinoid tone is unique. 

👉KEY POINT:   A person’s endocannabinoid tone will determine how much CBD they will need to take to help support their endocannabinoid system. For example body weight, age, metabolism etc. all influence CBD dosage. 





CBD is sold in bottles of both percentages (e.g. 5% CBD) or amount in milligrams (500MG).  If you are buying CBD in milligrams, make sure to pay attention to the size of the bottle. 500MG in 10ml bottle is 5% but in a 30ml bottle is only 1.7%.

Below is a guide only based on 10ml bottle:

Low strength


0 - 500mg 

Medium strength

5% - 10 %

500mg - 1000mg

High strength


1000mg +


What strength CBD oil is right for me, is the one of the most common questions we get from consumers but ultimately a better question is what is a good CBD oil. Once you choose a good CBD oil, you can always increase the amount you take. 



As described above,  a person's endocannabinoid tone will determine the dosage of CBD that will work for them to balance their endocannabinoid system. 

     || Just remember  the golden rule is - start slow, go low.

Ultimately,  what you are trying to do is find your 'dosing sweet spot': the minimum dose needed to achieve a desired effect.

     || The goal is to use the dose that gives the most minimal noticeable effect.

A starting dose we see recommended is around 10mg. Please note, this is not medical advice.


So you've figured out what strength you're going to take and how much, next up - when are you going to take it?

There are a few different approaches to taking CBD: taking it throughout the day as a 'microdose' or taking one standard dose at some point in the day. e.g.  you could one standard dose of 10mg before bed or you could take smaller doses of cbd during the day (microdose)

Microdosing is becoming an increasingly popular way to take CBD. The theory is when you microdose on CBD oil, you will spread the therapeutic effects of CBD over the day.

Here’s an example of microdose using the BioBloom 10% CBD oil, one of our most popular oils. 

Example of microdose dosage for daytime calmness.

1 drop = 4% of BioBloom 10% oil 

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

After breakfast

1 drop 

1 drop

2 drops 

2 drops

After lunch

1 drop 

2 drop 

3 drops 

3 drops 


1 drop 

2 drops 

3 drops

4 drops



Example of dosage to use CBD oil for sleep

Week 1 

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


2 drops

3 drops

4 drops

5 drops

* Everyone's endocannabinoid tone is unique and what works for one person won’t work for the next. However,  a good place to start is on a low dose and slowly increase the dose week by week. You want to find the minimum dose that gives you the results you are after.

** CBD is biphasic which means smaller doses are more energising and larger doses are sedating. It is a better strategy to think about taking bigger doses in the evenings. Taking CBD during the day will not make you tired

CBD hemp tea is a great accompaniment to CBD oil in the evenings as they work synchronistically together. 



Now you've decided when you take your CBD, then take your CBD!

  • Squeeze some CBD oil into the dropper from the bottle
  • Use a mirror if you want to measure out the drops for under your tongue
  • After dropping oil under your tongue, hold it there for up to at least 1 minute (we usually do 2 - 3 minutes! ) before swallowing. 
  • You can swallow any remaining oil and wash down with a drink.

   The best time to take CBD depends on why you are taking it.

  You should start seeing effects in 5 - 20minutes. 



View getting the perfect dosage of CBD oil as an experiment, one that you are committed to doing.

Experiment with the dose, evaluate how you feel and readjust the dose up or down depending on your own body and your own intuition on this.

|| Ask yourself: how do I feel? Is this helping me?

Remember you will need to take CBD consistently, for at least 2 weeks daily for it to build up in your body.


How to choose a good CBD oil - checklist

There are lots of  high quality CBD products made with clean ingredients with farmers who only use organic fertilisers but unfortunately, in an unregulated market, there are others, who don't do this and that leaves us (the customers) vulnerable if we don't educate ourselves.

So we've put together a checklist to choose a great CBD product so you can  become informed customers and know what to look for. You can read more about how to choose a good CBD product

How to purchase a CBD oil, ask yourself:

  •  Is the CBD oil whole-plant or  full-spectrum? (It should be dark and taste intense)

  • Does the CBD oil have clean ingredients? (the most natural CBD just has a carrier oil and nothing else)

  • Was the CBD oil made using C02 extraction so most of the plant compounds are preserved?

  • Are there lab tests done on every batch? And are they available on the website?

  • Does the lab test list other cannabinoids like CBDa, CBN, CBG etc present and not just list CBD?

  • What certifications does CBD oil have?

  • Is the CBD certified organic? Anyone can say organic but you need a certification to really believe it!

  • How transparent is the provider? The website should provide precise information on the product (origin, production process, certifications, etc.)

  • How ethical are the CBD company? They should not mention ‘Good for stress’ etc. as this is illegal. No CBD product can mention medical benefits

  • Are there verified customer reviews of rating the product and liking it?


Are there any CBD side effects?

There are few known side effects from CBD oil. However, saying that - at very high doses people have reported fatigue, diarrahea and reduced appetite.

There are some medications which interact with CBD and they are all listed here.

Can you drive after taking CBD oil?

It is legal to take CBD oil in Ireland and drive. However, we always encourage customers to make sure to buy a CBD oil that they are confident that is safe and they know what is inside.

You can read more about how to do this in our CBD oil and driving blog

Are CBD oil and hemp seed oil the same thing?

No, definitely not. Hemp oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant and contains very little CBD oil.

CBD on the other hand is made primarily from the sticky trichomes of cannabis flowers. It is much more expensive to make and is where most of the health benefits are located.

You can read more about the differences between CBD oil and hemp oil

Customers also often get confused between CBD oil, cannabis and hemp oil. They are not the same. CBD oil is legal in Ireland whereas cannabis oil is illegal.


How does CBD makes you feel?

One question we get all the time is, how will CBD make me feel?

CBD does not make you feel high because, unlike THC, it is non-intoxicating.

Depending on the person and the quantity of CBD consumed, some people report no noticeable sensations while others experience a feeling of relaxation and general grounding. 

Which CBD oil is best for dogs?

The best CBD oil for dogs in Ireland is certified organic, follows good manufacturing practice , has lab certificates provided with every batch and is lower strength (between 2 - 10%)

You can read more about the best CBD oil for dogs