10% CBD mouth spray

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Why we love it:

This 10% CBD oil spray 10ml comes from all the way from Berlin. It is a blend of European CBD, MCT oil, terpenes and adaptogens to help you find your balance. It's the perfect accompaniment for our modern hectic lifestyles! This spray is part of their day time range which helps promote focus and attention.  We love this spray as It's really easy to use (quick spray under the tongue) and a great product for on the go or when you need to use it discreetly. All VAAY products were designed by an in-house team of scientists, are produced in Europe and are leafly certified (one of the strictest and trusted labs for testing products)

This is a broad spectrum product, Icontains all natural components of the hemp plant (cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids) but is THC free*

*THC detection limit - .01%

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How to take it:

Spray one spray (10mg) under the tongue twice daily and as and when you need it.   Hold for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. 


Hemp extract
Other cannabinoids:
Fat soluble carrier:
MCT Coconut Oil


1 spray


About the company:

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