The Original Alternative

Purple Edition Whole Plant Extract Paste (Indica)- 3ml


This is CBD at its purest and strongest form. It contains over 400 molecules comprised of phyto-cannabinoids (CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBC, CBN), flavonoids and chlorophyll naturally occurring in the hemp plant.

This product is made from Cannabis Indica Whole Plant Extract > 16.4% CBD/CBDA, extracted from female plants which are grown under the sun.

Because this is not mixed with a carrier oil, this is one of the strongest ways you can take CBD.  

This is a brilliant night time product. 

THC disclaimer – below 0.02%

How to take:

Press on the syringe to squeeze the extract on to the tip of your finger and place under the tongue. Hold the oil extract your mouth for around 2 minutes before swallowing.

Its not the nicest tasting admittedly (unless you like hemp!) as its not mixed with a carrier oil but the effects make it worth it. 



16.4% CBD organic paste
Other cannabinoids:
  • CBD
  • CBDa
  • CBDV
  • CBG
  • CBC
  • THC
  • CBN
Fat soluble carrier:

Vitamin E, Vegetable glycerine,


About the company:

The Original Alternative (formerly the CBD brothers) are one most well respected CBD companies out there. You just need to look at their Trustpilot reviews to see how much these guys are helping people.  The hemp that they grow is organically grown either on their own small farms in Suffolk or small artisan farms all across Europe. It is extracted using CO2 under low pressure and low heat conditions. Every batch is tested and published on their website. 

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