5.2% CBD strong organic hemp tea (35g)

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A 35g bag of full-spectrum, certified organic 5.2% CBD hemp tea

When you are choosing a good quality CBD tea, you need to make sure of a few things:

- That it is organic (you want to avoid drinking pesticides!)
- That it is made from crushed flower buds (where the good stuff is)
- That it is a full-spectrum tea

If you take these 3 criteria, you will notice that most of the CBD teas out there do not meet them. The majority of CBD teas are made from the cheaper part of the plant such as the leaves and stems.

The PuriBio organic tea is made with from flowers and leaves and it is one of the strongest CBD teas we have found. Hemp flowers are where most of the cannabinoids are present, the medicinal part of the plant. 

🍵 This is a 5.2% strength making it the strongest CBD tea we have found in Ireland.

CBD tea is an excellent complement to CBD oil because, when you brew the plant, it releases high quantities of other cannabinoids like CBDa, that work in synergy with CBD oil. 

😴 This tea is especially helpful for sleep. 

😎 Helps relax and unwind

How to use:

  1. Add 1-2 teaspoons of hemp tea to tea infuser
  2. Boil the kettle and allow stand for one minute
  3. Put tea infuser into a cup or mug
  4. Add boiled water to the cup/mug
  5. Brew for 5 - 10mins.


CBD is fat-soluble which means that it is best absorbed alongside food e.g. a snack with your tea!  


This is a light floral earthy taste, similar to chamomile tea. 
You can sweeten this tea by adding honey, ginger or lemon.

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