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Premium organic hemp tea that will help you with the perfect night's sleep.   

Contains 20 teabags made from 100% pure organic hemp flowers.

What sets this tea apart from all other hemp teas is that:

  • Made only from the hemp flower (other teas use  seeds, leaves and stems). The hemp flower has highest concentration of cannabinoids.
  • High concentration of CBDa, the acid precursor to CBD. 
  • 100% certified organic and hand harvested
  • Lovely, subtle, natural taste. 

Regular consumption of hemp tea helps with stresses and strains of everyday living.  Hemp tea is also great for settling the stomach. 

We at the team here personally like to use this around 1 hour before bed to help us get nice and relaxed before easing off to sleep.

How to use:

Place 1 teabag in a 200ml cup of boiling water for 15 minutes before drinking. We also add a fat-soluble (like milk or almond milk) to help aid the absorption of the tea.

Ingredients: 20 tea bags

 Hemp 100% organically grown hemp 

*When prepared as tea, contains CBDA as its main component with traces of other cannabinoids. Contains no THC and has no psychotropic effects. 
Suitable for all ages.

About the brand:

BioBloom is a manufacturer of 100% Organic Natural CBD products - High Terpene, High Quality CBD Oil Products. They are different from other producers because not only do they grow all their own crop locally, but they hand harvest everything refusing to use any modern machinery. They have been awarded the Austrian & Hungarian Bio Certificate for controlled organic farms. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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