The Original Alternative

4% Water Soluble Purple Plus Oil (Hybrid)


This purple plus oil is made from 16.4% CBD/CBDA  whole plant extract and placed in an an organic water-soluble carrier. 

The purple plus water soluble is a made from a combination of both indica (70%) and sativa (30%) organically grown female plants. Sativa strains are said to be more energising, while Indica strains can provide a sense of deep body relaxation and this hybrid combines the two. 

Water-soluble CBD is claimed to be between 5 - 10 times better absorbed by our bodies than regular oil based CBD, so you are getting maximum bang for your buck with this. Water-soluble CBD is created by breaking CBD molecules into nano-sized particles, so they're easily dissolved in water. 

THC disclaimer – below 0.02%

How to use:

Start with 1 pump and take directly under tongue or add into any drink such as CBD tea, coffee, OJ! 


Hemp: Whole plant extract
Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene, Linalool
Other cannabinoids
Water soluble carrier: Water, Vegetable glycerine, curcuma longa extract


1 pump 8mg (approx)


About the brand:

The Original Alternative (formerly the CBD brothers) are one most well respected CBD companies out there. You just need to look at their Trustpilot reviews to see how much these guys are helping people.  The hemp that they grow is organically grown either on their own small farms in Suffolk or small artisan farms all across Europe. It is extracted using CO2 under low pressure and low heat conditions. Every batch is tested and published on their website. 

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